President’s message (June 2020)

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In a world that seems to be ripping apart at the seams with change; grappling with a virus that continues unabated in some locales and protesting marchers occupying parks and plazas; it seems banal to ask: how are your bees? When we can’t make an impact on global issues we are obligated to look at what is within reach of our own hands and do what we can do. Greet friends and strangers alike. Share what we know and what we have. Give until it feels good. Look after our environment and look after our bees.

In this time of regrouping and restarting most of us have had a chance to really pay attention to our hives, collecting information, reading articles and putting new knowledge into action. And here is some more information for you. I am really excited about Gerry Rozema’s presentation at our Zoom meeting on Thursday June 11th at 7:00pm. Gerry’s home is in Courtenay and the miracle of modern technology will allow him to present his computer modeling of colony growth over a season right on your computer screen. Knowing the life cycle of the hive and the mites that infiltrate the hive, helps us to better manage our bees. Recognizing that long before it is warm out the bees are preparing for spring and long before it cools again the bees are preparing for winter helps us anticipate and act accordingly. This is a must see for new and intermediate beekeepers alike.

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