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Retail / commercial

  • Cowichan Valley Bees and Supplies Store
    Owners: Jim and Pat Peach
    Address: 5735 Menzies Rd, Duncan BC
    Phone: 250-709-7339
    Products/services: Nucs, packages, queens, mason bees, full inventory of bee supplies and extraction supplies and onsite courses by various experienced beekeepers. Free delivery to Victoria to various rendezvous spots. Shipping option is also available. We accept Visa, MasterCard, e-transfer and cash.
  • Flying Dutchman
    Owners: Stan and Cheryl Reist
    Address: 6124 Metral Dr, Nanaimo BC
    Phone: 250-390-2313
    Products/services: bees, queens, 4/5 frame deep/medium nucs, bee packages, hive equipment (Langstroth) and courses
  • Red Queen Apiaries
    Owner: Paul Petersen
    Address: PO Box 6, Cobble Hill
    Phone: 250-732-0197
    Products/services: nucs, packages, Island queens, courses, private lessons/mentoring, beekeeping tools from around the world
  • Van Isle Apiaries
    Owner: Grant Stringer
    Address: 8183 Alec Rd, Saanichton BC
    Phone: 250-652-9834
    Products/services: Bees, nucs, packages and queens for sale

Local equipment and local bees

  • Honey extractor – members only
    Visit the honey extractor rental product page (password protected/members only) where you can place an order online. Follow this up with an email to the organizer in charge to book a time/location of pickup.
  • Oxalic acid vaporizer – members only
    Visit the oxalic acid vaporizer product page (password protected/members only) were you can place an order online. Hollow this up with an email to the organizer in charge to book a time/location for pickup.
  • Langstroth hive equipment
    10 frame hive boxes or accessories, 5-frame nucs, complete hives or just parts, all made to order. Also, oxalic acid @ $10/lb.
    Contact: Werner G, 250-532-2567
  • Heilyser Technology
    New product available: Bee Tea is a new feeding supplement for honey bees. Also, 5 frame nucs or 10 frame hives (all deep) and queens available.
    Contact: Heinz K, 250-656-8727
  • Top bar beehives for sale
    Kenyan & Warre style – made to order. Warre hive frames for sale. $2.50 each, assembled
    Contact: Peter D
  • Barry’s Bees
    MiteGone agent for Victoria. Private apiary consults available. Certified instructor.
    Contact: Barry D, 250-900-5133
  • Apipasta
    A paste-like feed mainly composed of sucrose; $6/kg
    Contact: Kate F
  • Unassembled deep boxes
    A number of unassembled deep boxes for sale ($18 per box). Can be assembled for $2 extra.
    Contact: Steph Y
  • Deep equipment
    Some used equipment (free) and unused frames available for sale.
    Contact: Alanya S, 250-418-1310
  • Large selection of equipment for sale
    Beekeeper retiring: Dadant and deep boxes, covers, stands
    Contact: Joan Y

Other services, offers and needs

  • Nosema test
    Contact: Jean M, 250-479-3141