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Retail / commercial

Local equipment and local bees

  • Langstroth hive equipment
    10 frame hive boxes or accessories, 5-frame nucs, complete hives or just parts, all made to order. Also, oxalic acid @ $10/lb.
    Contact: Werner G, 250-532-2567
  • Heilyser Technology
    New product available: Bee Tea is a new feeding supplement for honey bees. Also, 5 frame nucs or 10 frame hives (all deep) and queens available.
    Contact: Heinz K, 250-656-8727
  • Bees ‘n Glass
    Clearance sale of beekeeping equipment
    Contact: Larry & Marilyn L
  • Top bar beehives for sale
    Kenyan & Warre style – made to order. Warre hive frames for sale. $2.50 each, assembled
    Contact: Peter D
  • Barry’s Bees
    MiteGone agent for Victoria. Private apiary consults available. Certified instructor.
    Contact: Barry D, 250-900-5133
  • Honey extractor for rent
    Rent the club’s honey extractor for $5 per day
    Contact: Jim H, 250-479-0617
  • Universal evaporators to treat varroa
    These round, plastic containers have a sponge in the bottom that can hold solutions. The units come with a cap to keep fumes in for transport. The inner cover can adjust the amount of fumes released. There is another level of plastic screening, so bees can’t get inside. Reusable. 26 available with directions of use. $5.50 each (I will give you a deal if you take them all!)
    Contact: Robyn Q, 250-656-4444
  • Bees for venom therapy
    Contact: Bill F, 250-216-7761
  • 6 boxes of Ross rounds
    Can be used for comb honey. Originally bought as used. Would recommend sending to/through Iotron to ensure it’s been completely sterilised. It’s free!
    Contact: Alanya S, 250-418-1310
  • 2-frame electrical honey extractor
    Brand new, still in box, $200
    Contact: Jeremy H, 250-380-1718

Other services, offers and needs

  • Nosema test
    Contact: Jean M, 250-479-3141