About Us

We are the largest bee club on Vancouver Island, with over 200 active members. Our diverse club hosts meetings covering content for newbees as well as experienced beeks. Read more…

Our history

Bees have been around for quite a while, and so have we. Our club has been active since the 1950s, but our experience and techniques have adapted through the decades. We encourage the sharing of ideas and experiences of our club members since we’re stronger as a colony than as individuals.

Our vision

The CRBA’s constitution¬†and by-laws¬†clearly outlines what we stand for and aims to provide a future vision to those who affiliate with us through membership. Come to one of our meetings and enjoy discussing ideas with like-minded individuals.

Our mission

We want to connect people with similar interests in all things related to bees. To do so, we regularly update notices and links, and have some club members selling some equipment and services. Members of the public interested in hosting hives on their property also contribute to bee sustainability.

...hives enjoy this view during fireweed season...

Hot off the press, this is some of our

Latest News

Nucs/bees for sale

It’s that time of year. Do you have nucs for sale? Do you want bees? Here’s the information you need.