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An all-access pass to CRBA member services.


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This membership with the Capital Region Beekeepers Association gives a family of two people access to the following:

  • Ability to have hives at one of the CRBA outyards in Jordan River during fireweed season
  • Join in on member-specific monthly meetings
  • Access to the Bee Culture magazine through a club-wide subscription
  • Other access to member services

Remember also to register your hives/apiaries online with the BC Government – it’s the law.

If you want to purchase a membership via cheque, that’s also possible. Make the cheque payable to Capital Region Beekeepers Association and send it to

Membership Chair
PO Box 46024 RPO Quadra Village, Victoria BC V8T 5G7

Finally send an email to our membership secretary so the cheque can be picked up in a timely manner and you can be incorporated into our electronic dissemination elements.