Tools of the trade

Get a toolbox and load it up with a list of essentials. Over time it’ll be helpful to store the bibs and bobs that you make part of your inspection kit.

Common feeding styles

There are mainly four types of feeding styles when it comes to syrup and feeding your bees: Top feeding (internal or external) Internal feeding Front feeding Bulk/exterior feeding Each of …

Bees… in a package or a nuc?

In the recent introductory discussion on the cost to become a beekeeper, there’s mention of buying bees. However, the choices might be somewhat awkward if you don’t know what they …

What’s on your bottom board?

An overview of some of the things to expect on your bottom board. Let’s read through that cryptic mess they leave behind and try to understand what’s going on in the hive.

Planting the Bee Garden

At last spring has arrived on Southern Vancouver Island and our thoughts turn to what to plant in our gardens this year. Here are some suggestions for flowering plants that …