President’s message (January 2023)

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The Christmas lights are packed up and ornaments put away for another year. The annual family Christmas newsletter has been added to the binder and if you didn’t send us a letter this year you are definitely not getting one next year. (You’ve been told). Those letters become a trail of little historical nuggets of family lore and, glancing back at old editions it was my wife who pointed out that 10 years ago this month, I set off to learn about the CRBA and beekeeping,

In 2013, Catherine Culley was president of the club and by the end of the January meeting, I was assistant to Bill Spriggs, the club drug dealer (bee drugs – that is). By 2015, I was president of the club as Catherine headed off to become president of the BCHPA. We’ve come a long way since then, growing to over two hundred members and physically moving locations twice. Presidents are supposed to be in place for two years unless, by exception, they hang around longer. By our March 2023 meeting we need to elect a new president to carry things forward and I hope every reader will consider doing this job. Because Beekeepers are the Best!

January is a month of renewal as we begin to emerge from the dark and our bees begin to rebuild. Our club will welcome another group of new-bees, wondering: what does it take to be a beekeeper?

Our January meeting will be a workshop so bring your hammers, nails, boxes, frames and foundation to assemble what you have or help someone else assemble theirs. Along the way we will talk about dadants versus deeps; nails versus glue versus nails and glue, the joy of ratchet straps, …

Our general meeting on January 12th will be in-person (masks encouraged but not necessary). Only the New Beekeeper portion will be broadcast via Zoom. The general meeting will not be broadcast via Zoom given the chaotic nature of hammers and staplers happening. See you there!

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