President’s message (February 2021)

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I am feeling housebound. I feel like I need to drive to the outyards near China Beach and make sure they are still there. Y’know, just in case bears have knocked all the fences down or deer have eaten all the fireweed plants or maybe feral bees descended from past swarms have staked out the neighbourhood. A trip should be okay. The outyards are well within the provincial boundaries and nobody really lives there and I would have a good reason to be outside the city limits given the potential risk of bears, deer and conspiring feral bees! It’s a good thing I have bee packages on the way and stuff to get ready for the Iotron treatment coming up in early March or I would be tie-dying my bee suit and re-stringing my ukulele. I am a self-confessed extrovert and Year Two of the lockdown is pushing all my buttons. Tell me I am not alone.

Attached to this update is the latest version of the Constitution and By-laws for the Capital Region Beekeepers Association. With a couple of minor edits made to ensure clarity we should be good to go. You have the month of February to review the document and then we will vote at our March meeting to accept them as gospel going forward.

We are a little less than a month away from the trip to the Iotron. You should identify the equipment you want to treat and send a note to Alanna Morbin as soon as you can so that she knows how much space will be used in the truck we rent.

Reading the by-laws would inform you and me that the First and Second Vice President plus the Treasurer roles need to be elected at our March annual general meeting. I am happy to announce that we have candidates for all three positions plus two additional people who have put their names forward to sit as Directors at Large. The final sleight of candidates will be announced before the next meeting.

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