2015 annual report

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  • President: Bill Fosdick
  • First vice president: Lisa Redding
  • Second vice president: Tim Humphreys
  • Secretary: Irene Tiampo
  • Treasurer: Joanne Davidson
  • Member secretary: Alanya Smith
  • Immediate past president: Catherine Cully

Directors and committee chairs

  • Beeline editor: Peter Day
  • Website: Peter Willis
  • Greeter: Joan Yarmie
  • Name tags: Catherine Cully
  • Library: Bob Lucy
  • Hospitality: Lorna Connor
  • New beekeepers’ corner: Carolyn Hissen, Tara Beninger
  • Education: Nairn Hollott
  • Swarm line: Jody Aylard
  • Top bar and Warre hives: Tara Beninger
  • Outyard team: Derek Wulff
  • Bee supplies: Jennifer Olson
  • Iotron: Alanna Morbin

2015 Calendar

  • January
    Raising bees in Rwanda
    AFB winter check
    Bee study update
  • February
    Annual General Meeting
    Assessing equipment hygiene
    Seedy Saturday
  • March
    Raising bees in Rwanda
    Flow-hive – Real or not?
  • April
    Avoiding a swarm
    Thymol update
    Herbicides in Saanich
  • May
    Meet the new inspector
  • June
    Using formic acid
    Building a bee vacuum
    Manuka honey
  • July
    Extracting and jarring
    Preparing for fairs
    Honey judging criteria
  • August
    Defending against wasps
    New Zealand manuka honey
  • September
    Kwantlen University launch of Commercial Beekeeping Course
    Assessing AFB
    Saanich Fair, Sooke Fair, Luxton Fair
  • October
    Fall fair winners
    Lactobacillus is a good thing
  • November
    Potluck Dinner and Auction
  • December
    Rest – no meeting


  • March
    Integrated pest management by Provincial Apiculturist Paul van Westendorp
  • September
    Small hive beetle by Regional Apiculturist Wendi Gilson
  • Monthly New beekeepers corner by Carolyn Hissen & Tara Beninger
  • Schools, scouts, day camps and monthly: What’s in bloom by Nairn Hollott

Bee supplies

  • 2015 sales
    • Honey Extractor
    • Hive Fogger
    • Pollen Patties
    • Wasp Traps
    • Oxalic Acid
  • Coordinator: Jennifer Olson
  • Extractor: Jim Henry


  • Coffee, tea, 46 bags of cookies, cakes, fruit and the chance to taste honey and try to identify its “terroire”
  • Coordinators: Lorna Connors and Peter Day and Dave and Judy Wallace

Swarm line

  • Volunteers: 19
  • Calls received: 70
  • Swarms collected: 39
  • Bumble bee nests: 22
  • Our service to the public and to the bees is to intervene when a swarm is discovered or a nest is found in an inconvenient location. The bees are captured and provided a safe and secure accommodation.
  • Swarm line chair: Jody Aylard

Iotron trip

  • Boxes: 161
  • Cost per box: $9.69
  • The Iotron sterilizes boxes and equipment ensuring disease is not transferred with the sale of a hive. It is good to rotate your equipment through the Iotron every two years.
  • Coordinator: Alanna Morbin, Jim Henry and Don Hutton


  • Bee Scene, printed quarterly
  • Bee Culture, printed monthly
  • New additions:
    • The bee keepers handbook
    • Beekeeping in Western Canada
  • Coordinator: Bob Lucy and Alanna Morbin


  • Camosun College project: $250 to Anthia Connor and her 2nd year biology team
  • Young parents support network: $107 and 16 jars of honey to young, and usually single, mums here in Victoria
  • Innovative communities and Barry Denluck’s bee project in Rwanda: $107


  • China beach: 56 hives on three sites from early July until mid-September when the fireweed ended
  • Thank you to the Metchosin/Langford crew who cleared the space and set up the electrified and barbed wire fence to protect our bees.
  • Outyard coordinator: Derek Wulff

Download the 2015 CRBA Annual report.

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