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Retail / commercial

Local equipment and local bees

  • Langstroth hive equipment
    10 frame hive boxes or accessories, 5-frame nucs, complete hives or just parts, all made to order.
    Contact: Werner G, 250-532-2567
  • Heilyser Technology
    New product available: Bee Tea is a new feeding supplement for honey bees. Also, 5 frame nucs or 10 frame hives (all deep) and queens available.
    Contact: Heinz K, 250-656-8727
  • Bees ‘n Glass
    Clearance sale of beekeeping equipment
    Contact: Larry & Marilyn L
  • Top bar beehives for sale
    Kenyan & Warre style – made to order. Warre hive frames for sale. $2.50 each, assembled
    Contact: Peter D
  • Barry’s Bees
    MiteGone agent for Victoria. Private apiary consults available. Certified instructor.
    Contact: Barry D, 250-900-5133
  • Honey extractor for rent
    Rent the club’s honey extractor for $5 per day
    Contact: Jim Henry, 250-479-0617
  • Frames and equipment for sale
    20 frames of drawn comb for sale + 5 undrawn frames with wax base + 10 undrawn frames with plastic base. One vaporizer and car battery (for oxalic acid fume treatments).
    Contact: Michelle S
  • Retiring beekeeper selling equipment
    2 hives, Queen-right and inspected, and all bee equipment, freshly sterilized at Iotron 2018.
    Each hive is a complete kit with all the necessary equipment for expansion. Will sell each hive separately but will not sell bees without equipment; all must go. Available as of May 1. Additional equipment for sale: Frame hanger, bee escape, battery, cables and vaporizer for mite treatments, smoker, nuc box for deep frames, 2 deep supers, dadant frames and a bee shed for overwintering hives.
    Contact: Joy I, 250-384-6480

Other services, offers and needs

  • Nosema test
    Contact: Jean M, 250-479-3141