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Executive Meeting (September 2020)

September 14, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Attending: Cindy P, Don L, Carolyn H, Bill F, Kazlyn B, Nicole S, Simon L

Not present: None

  • Bill began the meeting @ 7:04pm
  • Bill reviewed his agenda items
  • Review of bylaws
    • Clarify executive, etc. items
    • Intent is to have 5-6 voting executive and other members of executive that don’t vote at executive meetings
    • Directors at large and committee chairs may participate in meetings, but not vote
    • Intent is to elect only 6 executive
    • Look to dropping the use of term “officer”
    • Remove newsletter from Treasurer responsibilities
    • Simon to review latest Word document version version on government website; correlate and then circulate proposed changes
  • September meeting review:
    • Victoria group went very well; want to scope out a place for winter meetings
    • Oak Bay/Gordon Head met near United Church; 6 attendees; went over mite treatments
    • Saanich: 9 people total – inexperienced to experienced; variety of topics (honey, mites, preparing for winter)
    • Esquimalt/Vic West: 7-8 people; setup for winter; mite treatments; one person would like to know who has bees in his area (to ensure mite treatment is occurring) – privacy concern; ministry has the info for those who have complied with regulation; also concern about AFB – should be checking regardless, not because there is an outbreak in your area
    • Westshore: 9 people total – spoke about outyard, treatment for mites, feeding heavy syrup, wasp management
  • Small groups or club wide for next meeting?
    • Some people have mentioned they like the small meetings.
    • Divide meetings by experience level? Beginner/Intermediate concurrently?
    • Need to confirm 2 people for financial statement review according to bylaws at Oct. meeting, but can be done by email.
    • Conclusion – repeat small groups for October and have 1 last large group meeting for November.
    • Will watch weather forecast for meeting time in October. Likely will be on weekend due to early darkness on weekdays.
  • Fireweed/Outyard
    • People did well this year.
    • Sandcut also did well.
    • Bill did 50lbs/hive. Similar numbers have been heard from other members.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:10pm.


September 14, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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