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Executive Meeting (May 2020)

May 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Attending: Bill F, Cindy P, Carolyn H, Nicole S, Simon L, Don L

Not Present: Kazlyn B

  • Bill began the meeting at 7:07pm.Reviewed agenda.
  • Review of last week’s general meeting.
    • Delighted with 46 attendees.
    • Surprised we filled 1h30min window.
    • A lot going on.
    • Need to improve poll – question versus list of answers. Swiping on screen didn’t seem to work
      for Simon.
    • Breakout chat at end might be worth trying. Not sure how that would work.
    • Bill could not see all panelists. Cindy suggests it may be possible to scroll through list.
    • Positive feelings on flower quiz.
    • Don’s video worked well
  • What to do for June?
    • Beginners corner (20 mins?)
    • Intermediate corner (20 mins) – may still be interesting for beginners.
    • Bob L may not be available for intermediate corner. Others will have to field the questions.
    • Can we have list of questions before meeting?
    • Need something on front page of website with meeting link. Similar link needed for Facebook page.
    • Can we use the “raise your hand”?
    • Do we want someone like our traditional speaker?
    • June was going to be the Strawberry social.
    • Were we using Q&A or chat for questions? Believe participants were limited to
    • Zoom was interfering with audio in Don’s video due attempt to filter out buzz of bees.
    • Idea for speaker: Jerry Rozema? Computers hooked up to hives? Bill to try and track him down.
    • Woodworking project?
    • What is an outyard?
      • Bill and Brad to go up on Saturday.
      • Could come back with video.
      • Logistics.
  • Online draw for tags at meeting.
    • Need to provide interest in advance.
    • Looking at existing 3 sites and potentially changing one.
    • Send email specifically about tag draw entry.
    • Email in advance to express interest in up to 3 plus interest in extra if left over.
    • Pickup tags at church.
  • Idea for future meeting – beekeeping bloopers.
  • Suggestions for website
    • Swarm line needs to be easier to find.
    • Is buy/sell section easy enough to find?
    • Seems well encoded for search engine to present links for swarm, buy/sell, etc., but not as obvious for someone visiting the website.
    • Annual membership link is quite far down the list. Should be higher.
    • Club swarm registration was not clear that you have to specifically request your apiary location on the club map.
      • Club member home addresses are on the map. One icon type.
      • Club members may request other locations be on the map. Second icon type.
      • Former club members remain on the map “greyed out” for a period of time.
    • Website access
      • Werner could put password lock on certain areas such as extractor rental. Password changed periodically.
      • Contact information should be put behind password barrier.
      • Ability to post on buy/sell is members only.
      • Hive hosting, regional groups, behind barrier.
  • Saanich Fair
    • Going to try and do something online.
    • Fair itself will not happen.
    • Cindy to liaise with Irene T regarding what we can do.
  • Executive meeting minutes to Attendees and missing executive for review before posting.
  • Additional topics
    • Mites (Don wants more focus)
    • Nosema testing (Jean Manville offers service.)Don working toward getting a microscope. Don may have a setup for testing once we get back to meetings.
    • Mentors
      • There is a box for members to indicate they are interested having a mentor (or be a mentor?)
      • Carolyn indicated we used to have mentor list, but history is there are more people wanting a mentor than those willing to be mentors. Small groups was supposed to help with this.
      • Carolyn looking to see if we can have an online meeting of small (regional) groups.
      • Don indicates being a mentor can be very time consuming.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:23pm.


May 18, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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