President’s message (September 2021)

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Happy New Year – at least the beginning of September always feels like a new year. The air is cool, the bees are home from their summer camps in fields of fireweed and it is time to move indoors. And that is our challenge!

At 7:00pm, Thursday September 9th, we will hold our club meeting indoors at the newly opened junior campus of Glenlyon Norfolk School (1701 Beach Dr). We are limited in our numbers to 50 attendees who are wearing masks, with double vaccination recommended. (Our numbers have been about that for the past year, both on-line and in-person so those club members who are prepared to attend should find a seat waiting for them.)

A bit of background

As you will recall, the Gordon Head United Church property was sold and the new landlords have repurposed the building. We are searching for a new home for the CRBA. The club exec has contacted a number of locations with the common response being they are not ready to host new groups until they know what is happening with the existing groups who meet in their facilities. Glenlyon Norfolk School has offered us a new home and the facilities are impressive with state-of-the-art sound and projection systems, access to a breakout room for the New Beekeepers Corner and kitchen facilities for our social time. The only drawback is its location and that is why we are doing a test run for our September meeting.

Capital Region Beekeepers Association

COVID Safety Plan

As of September 1, 2021

  • Location
  • Facilities
    • Main entrance
    • The Mountain (step/riser seating area)
    • Break-out room will not be used
    • Kitchen will not be used
  • Date
    • September 9, 2021, 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Protocol
    • These protocols are shared with all members before attending the September meeting
    • Attendance is limited to 50 people (half capacity of meeting room)
    • Members confirm attendance in advance
    • Children under the age of 12 and unvaccinated, and those who have recently travelled, shown signs of respiratory illness or have been in exposed to others exhibiting symptoms are asked to not attend
    • Members wear masks upon entering the building
    • Members are encouraged to be double-vaccinated (vaccination passports are not required until September 13, 2021)
    • Extra masks are available at the main entrance
    • Hand sanitizer is available at the main entrance
    • COVID protocols are reviewed at the beginning of the meeting
    • Members will be reminded to maintain social distancing while listening to presentations
    • Presenters can maintain a safe distance from listeners and are not required to wear a mask while speaking
    • No food or drink will be provided to members
    • Hard surfaces are cleaned and maintained by custodial staff of Glenlyon Norfolk School
  • CRBA COVID Safety Plan Elements
    • Elimination
      • Numbers of meeting participants will be limited to 50
      • Access to meeting space will be limited to “the Mountain”
      • Children under 12 and not vaccinated will not attend
      • Meeting is not open to the public
    • Engineering Controls
      • Interactions between Club Executive and members is minimized (no plex is installed)
    • Administrative Controls
      • Occupancy limit of 50 established
      • No food or drink offered during the meeting
      • Double vaccine encouraged
    • Personal Protective Equipment
      • Hand sanitizer station at main entrance
      • Additional masks available at main entrance
      • Nitril gloves are available for handling name tags
      • Wipes for handling electronic equipment available

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