President’s message (May 2019)

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I am sure that Carolyn is smug in her Kia as she glides by the gas pumps and Don is shuddering every time he pulls into the station with his big old forestry truck. Don’t tell me that a carbon tax and $1.61/litre won’t change people’s behaviour! It certainly got my attention and though I cannot keep up with Carolyn and her new electric car, I am determined to give the pump a pass when I can and I have found that my bicycle is getting a lot more use. As another friend pointed out, there is a lot more planning of trips and combining of errands to avoid that painful grimace at the gas station. Oh, and you can say it: “Hey Bill, have you lost weight?

What I do hope is that your hives have arrived and are gaining weight with new brood and honey and pollen stores. Nucs have been arriving from local farms and from far away as we all get back into the swing of things. If the conversation about mites has registered with you, you will know to buy inspected hives and make sure they are healthy from the start. And absolutely everything is in bloom so your new hives should be well fed as they establish themselves.

Inventions and Contraptions

Our May 9th meeting will focus on tools and ideas that beekeepers have incorporated into their practice. If you have something you would like to share at the meeting please send me an email and I will add you to the roster. Remember: It’s all rocket science if you don’t know how to do it! Bring your tools and share your knowledge.

CRBA T-Shirt Design Contest

Have you got an eye for design? Or perhaps someone in your family has a gift for the visual arts? We would love to have a club t-shirt so put your pencil to paper (old school) or mouse to pad (new school) and create a T-shirt that you would be proud to wear. Winning design(s) will be made available for sale on our website and the designers will receive a shirt and 2020 membership in the CRBA.

Some Rules:

  • Plan on using a single colour that will appear on one side of a tee shirt
  • Send us a digital image that can be increased or decreased in size to fit
  • Avoid licensed or copyright images that infringe on other artists’ work
  • Incorporate the words “Capital Region Beekeepers” somewhere in the image
  • Submit your work by Friday, July 5, 2019
  • Be open to any modifications requested before printing occurs

June’s Agenda

Come join us in June when Kirby Delaney provides insights to native pollinators.

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