President’s message (March 2020)

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Have you got your toilet paper? There’s a run on toilet paper, y’know and hand sanitizer and face masks – just in case! There are, however, plenty of Coronas, since people now believe you can catch the virus from drinking beer. I know it’s a serious issue and I don’t blame people for being cautious but I do want to think we will still reach out and help each other rather than playing a game of “every person for themselves.” It all makes me want to climb in the Iotron and get myself sterilized from top to toe!

I am so happy to retreat from the news of pandemics and concentrate on the needs of my bees and their supplies for the emerging season. Like me, you may be torn between purchasing a package now and nursing it to full hive status or waiting patiently until May to receive a proven queen and nuc. Like me, you may split the difference and get one of each and you will be busy making syrup, cleaning and treating boxes and making sure that the little fist of bees stays warm enough to make it through March and into April.

See you at our Annual General Meeting!

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