President’s message (March 2018)

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I was all set to take down the Christmas tree this week and it snowed. Now what am I supposed to do? I guess I am like a lot of beekeepers and want to get the most out of my purchases and when I get one of those cultured Norfolk pines that costs an arm and a leg, I am going to get a couple more months out of it before I part ways. Now don’t get the impression that my living room is piled high with magazines and dry pine needles. It’s not! The tree left its exalted position along with all the other ornaments just before New Year and moved gracefully to the outside deck to be festooned with suet and seeds for the finches and sparrows that hang about in the wet days of January and February. Along with the humming bird feeder, the tree provides an elegant perch for the birds and some food to carry them through until the natural foliage springs to life again. The snow has me worried though: how snug and warm are my bees and will they make it until the first pussy willows and dandelions sprout? I am down to one hive and scouting the ads offering nucs to rebuild my little backyard apiary and it would be sad to start from none.

Our bee year has ended and we are into the new one though our annual general meeting on Thursday, March 9th will feel like the kick-off to the new bee season. We have some decisions to make – about new exec members, about annual dues for 2018 and to confirm our budget for the coming year. And we will spend some time in our small groups because people have been keen to see that aspect of our club come to life.

Attached for your review before the meeting is the 2017 expense report and the 2018 budget for the coming year. It’s good to know that we are in capable financial hands with Rupert Rode guiding us; and a couple of members vetting the work done.

Membership has its advantages. The March meeting will be your chance to commit your bee equipment to the Iotron treatment and get it truly ready for spring. If you can lend a hand, we do need a couple of drivers who can make a mid-week trip to Vancouver with the member gear.

I want to thank those people who put their hand up and offered to help with club exec and you will meet them at our meeting. We are still looking for a First VP to help coordinate the New Beekeeper Corner. If you can’t commit to the exec roles you may have some time to help one of those exec members with their responsibilities – so look for the sign-up posters to return at our March meeting.

As I write this month’s note, the snow has now disappeared and the furnace has decided to pack it in. The Fosdick family will take a page from the bees and cluster in the living room to stay warm until a new furnace arrives and can be installed. Apparently it will take two weeks and needless to say: my queen is not a happy camper!

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