President’s message (August 2021)

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The wind was not that strong, or at least it didn’t seem like it since we were tucked into the valley framing the Koksilah River. The crack of wood and the thump of a tree falling left us – like so many squirrels – at attention, wondering just how far away was that tree? And would there be more trees giving way in this dry heat? Yes!

The heat. The heat. The heat. Drying up creeks and rills, creating a constant shower of fir needles and forcing the last blooms of fireweed to burst and subside. We may get a run of nectar in this next wave of warmth but there will be nothing left in the out yards or our own yards by the middle of the month, and we will need to retrieve them, feed them, and protect them from the rising wave of wasps.

With time to extract your honey before month-end, you have time to polish up a few jars of your liquid gold for competition at the Saanich Fair. When life gives you hot weather then hold your meetings out of doors and that is just what we will do. As we did in July, we will gather at the south end parking lot at Beaver Lake for our August club meeting (click to see the agenda). Bring a chair!

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