President’s message (August 2020)

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Nine catches is considered a juggle. If you can toss three balls three times and catch them then consider yourself a juggler. Between building frames and checking for capped honey, I have used the extra time that the corona virus has created to advance from one to three balls; successfully passing them from hand-to-hand more than nine times. I shall now go on tour and entertain my grandchildren and wayward bee club members who casually ask: what have you been up to?

Unfortunately, the time available to juggle, or to learn other less important skills, seems to be growing. The Saanich Fair Board has asked all participants to set aside any modified plans for an event this year and patiently wait until next year when circumstances may (will) be different. As a club, we have been a very popular destination for fair goers and people will definitely miss the chance to taste the season’s honey. Wouldn’t you know! The year I have a frame of capped honey that would leave Alanna Morbin weeping in second place and there will be no show. Argh!

During the past couple of months we have taken to Zoom to connect and share our experiences in small groups. People are expanding their bubbles, contemplating travel to nearby places and adapted to wearing masks to protect themselves and others. Vancouver Island continues to be a relatively safe place so we will take the next step and encourage those who are willing to join their regional group in a local park (or something similar). Watch for a notice from your coordinator for a meeting time and place near you.

The outyard is in full bloom and those who have hives out of town will be watching to see how much honey they will jar this season. When you travel on the logging roads, pack some extra food, water and a first aid kit and always travel with a buddy. You are out of cell phone range and we want to hear your stories when you get back.

What would Larry do? Well I bet he is adding boxes to his honey supers or contemplating his best year ever (that would be 1977, according to Larry). He would be reminding you that bees are already considering the season to be over and are starting to prep for winter. And don’t forget to treat for mites when the honey supers come off. I look forward to Larry’s stories when we are all able to get together again. I am sure he has a story about a juggler and a beekeeper walking into a bar.

As a reminder, watch for an email invite from the host of your small group:

  • Victoria hosted by Carolyn H
  • Oak Bay/Gordon Head hosted by Bill F
  • Saanich and Saanich North hosted by Don L and Cindy P
  • Vic West hosted by Nicole S
  • Langford/Metchosin/Colwood hosted by Werner G

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