President’s message (August 2018)

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It’s the BC Day long-weekend and those who have their hives sitting in nectar sources are busy pulling frames of honey and wiping the stickiness off of door handles, counters, and cupboards. Unless, of course you emulate Derek Wulff and his cohorts, as they extract the golden nectar “en pleine air”. Set up in netted tents, they have successfully pulled their frames, extracted on site, filtered and tubbed their fireweed honey, before returning the frames to the hives and leaving the forested hillside. It makes for a long day but saves on the gas and time of two trips and extra frames and, in Derek’s case, makes even more honey!

Our meeting on August 9th , we will have a less formal plan and more time to chat with each other and compare notes. Often our topics are about the wellness of our hives and we can use this meeting to talk about maximizing the amount of honey our bees produce.

Bring a notebook. Bring a pen. And bring your re-useable cup for coffee or tea.

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