President’s message (April 2023)

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Spring is here! Or, so I’ve been told… There is some evidence of that. The plum trees are in bloom and some more adventurous flowers are joining them, but overall the temperatures are still low to only borderline. However, we are promised warmer, more seasonal temperatures coming soon. Let’s err on the side of being optimistic!

This year’s beekeeping season is upon us! Packages have arrived and more are arriving. Those awaiting nucs are starting to get excited. And those of us whose colonies survived the winter are walking around with a bit of a swagger and smiles on their faces as they watch their girls out and foraging. The cooler temperatures will be disappearing soon, and what is currently a lethargic start to the season will soon explode.

So, for all of us it’s time to get our equipment up and ready. Having made a few frantic dashes to local stores to buy more stuff in a panic, I’ve found it’s always better to prepare in advance and in a more relaxed manner – and to have a few “extras” around for those sudden moments of “Oh-OH!”.

And Thursday’s meeting will cover some of that. We’ll start at the usual 6:30 time. Don will lead the Beginners’ Corner downstairs to answer some of the myriad questions, and Bill Fosdick will be leading the newly-reformed Intermediates’ Corner upstairs. The full group starts at 7 pm and, following through with the theme of preparing in advance, we’ll be covering prepping for this year’s Small Groups, having a presentation on Swarms, and organizing the club’s response to swarm calls.

Hope to see you in person on Thursday evening!

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