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Bees have been busy this year bringing in the liquid gold from across Southern Vancouver Island. Listed below are some beekeepers that have honey for sale, probably in a variety of quantities and flavours all of which depend on the time of harvest. We don’t post the prices here, just availability. Connect with someone in your area to get hold of this sweet deal!

  • Cathy T (250-652-1795)
    • 500g jars – blend of fireweed and blackberry
  • Laure N (250-857-1952)
    • 500g jars
  • Andrew M (@fernwoodhoney)
    • 500g and 1kg jars – fireweed, wildflower and chestnut
    • Beeswax
  • Tom T (250-478-4358)
    • 500g and 1kg jars
  • Bruce M (Island Bees on Salt Spring Island)
    • Honey and dark wax
  • Jean-Claude R
    • 625g jars
  • Karen B
    • Honey bears
  • Bill H (250) 589-0233
    • 500g, 680g (or 1.5lbs) and 1kg jars of fireweed and wildflower
  • Pat P (Cowichan Valley Bees)
    • Honey (local to Cowichan & honey from elsewhere)
    • Beeswax (large quantities/bulk)

Did you know…

  • honey is typically sold by weight
  • honey doesn’t spoil because of its chemical makeup (under 20% water)
  • the colour and taste of honey depends on the flowers’ nectar sourced during gathering

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