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General Meeting (August 2021)

August 12 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Capital Regional Beekeepers Association (CRBA) meets on the second Thursday of every month.

This meeting usually starts with a beginners/intermediate beekeeper corner 30 minutes before the regular club proceedings start around 7pm.


  • 6:30pm Start
    • Welcome – Bill F
    • Dealing with wasps – Paul P, Don L
    • Preparing your bee products for competition – Irene T, Alanna M, Carolyn H
    • What to do in August and September – Larry L
    • Fall mite treatments – All
    • Just so ya know – All
    • Ice cream social – cones and cups
  • 8:30pm Finish


Bill started the meeting at 6:35pm

Introduces himself and presents agenda.

  • Saanich Fair
  • Honey displays are on
  • Reduced displays in other areas
  • What judges are looking for:
    • Honey…
      • 3 jars – no labels
      • Bring an extra lid
      • Uniform fill
      • Colour – white – golden – amber
      • Look for bubbles and crystals
      • Freedom from contaminants
      • Brightness
      • Flavour and aroma
      • Density – above 18.6 is a fail.
    • Beeswax…
      • Uniformity of weight and shape
      • 2 cakes, 0.5 lb min
      • No bubbles or contaminants
      • Cool equally all round by using oven and covering – oven turned off and cool overnight.
      • Lighter the better
      • Filter with nylon window sheets wet it first- also pantyhose
    • Frames…
      • Need Saran Wrap – tight
      • Can cover frame with tape before putting in hive
      • Scrape off propolis
      • All capped as much as possible
      • Uniformity is key whether there is airspace under or not.
      • Transport tip – in nuc box with thumbtacks.
      • Tie goes to wood frame.
    • Deadline for entries Aug 18
    • Volunteers needed to help with setup of the display – Wednesday before fair
    • Victoria is the contact
    • Mead 1 26oz wine bottle
    • 1st timers in a particular category – enter novice
  • Wasps
    • Start with a strong hive
    • Reduce entrance
    • Gets worse as summer goes on as their larve no longer provide less food to adults
    • Wasps can sense when hive inundated with mites and therefore weak
    • Tech transfer from BCHPA
    • IPM – different methods at different times of year
    • Late in the season queen wasps are produced
    • Takes about 50 bees to kill 1 wasp
    • Can use traps
    • Can use gates (robbing screen) in front of entrance
      • Need to be alert for dead bees building up
      • Some screens have multiple entrances
    • Bees stop activity at a warmer temperature than wasps, so need to check early in morning and later in evening.
    • Chicken trap
    • Remove rotting fruit
    • Keep wasp traps away from hives – attract them away.
    • Can make trap with bee escape and old hive body – Paul to provide picture
  • What to do in Aug
    • A story
    • Take off supers and extract
    • Don’t starve brood chamber
    • Put out water in hot weather
    • Mite checks and treat – get as close to zero as possible.
    • Queen slowing egg production
    • Timing and floral sources are varied over region
    • Prepare for fair and street markets
    • Watch for robbing
    • Watch for yellow jackets (as above)
    • Ants – borax and powdered sugar paste under hive
    • Check weight – need feeding
    • Need to requeen
    • Check extraction equipment
    • Lizards
  • Mites
    • Honey bee health center has a really good guide
    • Need to know your counts
    • Best treatment is the one you actually do
    • Recheck after treatment
  • Feeding
    • Feed before too cold
  • Meeting concludes at 8:02pm with ice cream.


August 12
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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Elk/Beaver Lake Picnic
Elk / Beaver Lake Regional Park - Filter Beds Parking Lot
Victoria, BC Canada