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Executive Meeting (July 2020)

July 13 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Attending: Bill F, Cindy P, Carolyn H, Simon L, Don L, Nicole S, Kazlyn B

Not present: none

  • Bill began the meeting @ 7:02pm
  • Small group meetings:
    • Carolyn (Victoria): 8 people
      • Lots of people feeding.
      • Demo of one handed queen catcher.
      • Plants that are in bloom discussed.
    • Don/Cindy (Saanich): 9 attendees
      • Quite a few questions.
      • Feeding and mites.
      • Most people fairly new.
      • Interest in a little group yard meeting.
    • Nicole (Esquimalt): 7 attendees
      • New beekeeper had several questions
      • Questions about outyards
      • Bill Haddon offered to have an outdoor meeting on outyard preparation.
    • Bill (Oak Bay): 3 attendees– problem with email going out. Re-do on Thursday.
    • Werner (Western Communities): About 8 attendees
      • Spoke about wasps, mite treatments, AFB (and hive registration) and outyards
  • Plan for August
    • Small groups in person
    • Meet in public park?
    • Government House? – maybe strict on regulations
    • Decision – August meetings – outdoor in location to be determined.
  • Filings with BC Societies website completed. May have to look at some bylaw amendments.
  • Outyard
    • Nothing up there yet. A few hives have gone up, but need to feed or leave with plenty of stores.
    • Might be more than a week before significant bloom.
    • Electric fences are operational.
    • Bushes are cleared from side of roads.
    • 10 tags are available (cancelations.)
    • 3 different yards
    • Members pick where they want to go.
    • Are close together, so little difference.
  • Saanich Fair
    • Map presented; Farmer’s market opened as essential service
    • Safari; $15 per car. Appointment required
    • Our group is #3 on map (just CRBA).
    • Virtual presentation required (1 minute)
    • Link from Saanich Fair page.
    • Irene has banners.
    • Peter Day provide Top Bar hive?
    • Langstroth hive on display?
    • Goody bag provided at end where we can provide a handout.
    • 900 cars per day.
    • Mannequin in beesuit?
    • Nicole has list of members interested in volunteering at fair.
    • Observation hive? Not practical – too small and out in sun.
    • Lots of our displays are based on being close-up. May need posters of hives rather than actual hives.
    • Much of our display is in the fair building already.
    • Budget for the fair
      • We’ve accumulated materials over the years.
      • Don’t normally have a significant budget for the fair.
    • Bee friendly flower poster.
    • Honey farm video for the 1 minute presentation?
    • Area is about size of 2 or 3 car lengths.
    • Cindy to email the group of members asking if anyone would like to create a 1 minute visual presentation for the club.
    • Big idea – setup video screens to drive through a “swarm”.
    • Might have to be under cover for rain.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:10pm.


July 13
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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