Ready for Swarm Season!

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The Swarm Committee is organised and ready to respond to inquiries about swarms and other bee related questions over the next few months. Over 25 people have volunteered for various tasks such as answering the phone, collecting swarms and bumble bee nests and mentoring Club members about swarms. The Committee members also provide lots of information and advice about bees and beekeeping to the public during swarm season.

Where possible, we will try to return swarms back to the beekeeper. When we receive a swarm call, we check our database to see if there are any club members in the immediate area. Then we call that member to see if their bees have swarmed. We have had some success in helping beekeepers get their swarms back to their apiary. To be effective we need your help. We need to know where your hives are located. Please send your hive address to

The swarm hotline number is 250-900-5787.

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