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Hive hosting allows non-beekeepers the opportunity to see what’s involved with the keeping of bees and perhaps give back to nature by making room for pollinators on their properties. For some, it may even be a first step to becoming a beekeeper. Listed here are some people within the Capital Region (and beyond) that have shown interest in hosting hives on their property:

    • Catherine, 250-881-2218, Victoria
    • Grace, 250-743-4769, Mill Bay
    • Tony & Cindy, 250-418-1265, Sooke
    • John Brent, 778-977-4372, Sooke
    • Sonja, 250-384-9243, Prospect Lake
    • John & Dagmar, 250-588-0341, Prospect Lake
    • Bev, 778-977-5854, Blenkinsop Valley
    • Jim & Catherine, 778-426-4477, Central Saanich
    • Kim Fogarty, 604-833-8644, Saanich
    • Julia, 250-744-3000, West Saanich
    • Jill Peterson, 250-589-8358, Metchosin
    • Stephen Cushing, 250-595-9922, Cadboro Bay
    • Bev Screen, 250-744-3333, Highlands
    • Rachelle & Emily, Langford
    • Natalie Hunt, 250-508-0561, Oak Bay
    • Hildegard, 250-655-5049, North Saanich
    • Jennifer & Rémi, 250-727-0179, Royal Oak
    • Jim, 250-383-9959, Sayward Rd
    • Victoria, 250-414-7625, View Royal
    • Bob, Royal Bay/Colwood
    • Martha, 778-350-7354 Elk Lake area
    • Trevor & Michele, South Saanich
    • Denis Cuerrier, 250-813-1960 Rockland or Prospect Lake area
    • Ruby Red Farms, 250-655-3368 North Saanich
    • Earl Hannan, 250-472-1567 Blenkinsop
    • Melinda Minkley, 250-516-7749 South Oak Bay
    • Steve Nelson, 250-880-0728 Royal Bay
    • Patty Bluemel, 250-886-7754 Fairfield
    • Tobias Tomlinson, Burnside Gorge area

If you want your details removed, please contact us. Do the same if you want your information added to the above list. Please include your name, email address, phone number and area of residence, as well as a contact preference (phone, email or both).

Please note: Being on this list does not guarantee any form of hosting. It merely provides a landing page where beekeepers can scout for possible apiary locations in their area in the event they may need to split their colony locations (or otherwise).